Breastfeeding and Pacifiers – Are they good for your baby?

Something that always brings us many doubts is the pacifiers, especially if we are new mothers, we do not know if we should buy pacifiers to take to the hospital, if they are really necessary, if they are harmful, etc. That’s why I wanted to create this post, to be able to clarify some of the most frequent doubts about pacifiers.

“Your baby uses you as a pacifier”

I am sure that almost all mothers have been told this phrase “Your baby uses you as a pacifier”. Something

that people do not understand is that a baby who breastfeeds not only does it to feed himself, his mother’s breast is his refuge, it is where he feels safe and sucking automatically calms him down and produces endorphins that make him feel happy.


That expression of “your baby uses you as a pacifier” is totally wrong since, in any case, the baby would be using the pacifier as a replacement for you.


Today there are hundreds of models of pacifiers of different shapes, materials, and designs and it is almost normal to see a small baby with a pacifier.

First of all I want you to know that giving your baby a pacifier does not make you a bad mother, or not having done it makes you better mother than another, remember that as mothers we always give our little ones the best and this web was not created In order to criticize another person, it is a safe place for all. 🙂

Are pacifiers harmful to breastfeeding?

The answer to that question is YES, but only if a successful breastfeeding has not yet been established (between the third and sixth weeks) if a pacifier is introduced a few days after birth, it may have a negative impact on breastfeeding, since the baby can get used to sucking the pacifier and not wanting more breast milk or, have an inadequate suction which can lead to low milk production.

There are parents who prefer not to give pacifiers to their children and is perfectly fine, but there are also parents who give their babies pacifiers and that is perfectly fine too, I gave my baby a pacifier and he’s using it until now, he has 13 months but I didn’t give him just any pacifier that I found, because they’re not only harmful to breastfeeding, but they can also produce dental or jaw malformations.


What pacifiers should I avoid?

If you decided that you will give your baby a pacifier, you should avoid at all costs those who have the following characteristics:

    • Avoid pacifiers that are not silicone because they are not so hygienic and could carry bacteria.
    • Avoid the typical pacifiers with the cherry-shaped teat.
    • Avoid pacifiers that have the neck of union between the base of the pacifier and the nipple very large.

Which one is recommended?

Today there are pacifiers that were specially designed to treat those problems of dental deformation and meet all the requirements so that it is simply a soothing for the baby without becoming harmful to their health.

It is important to remember that it is recommended that the pacifier is removed after 2 years of age through a “respectful weaning” that we will discuss in another post.

And also NEVER smear the pacifier with anything either honey or anything else that tastes, especially babies under 6 months.

One of the best brands that I found and with which I have experience for my baby is Chicco, in addition to mine, there are testimonies of many mothers who found in Chicco the perfect pacifier.

I’m talking specifically about the Chicco NaturalFit Pacifier line, which was developed by European orthodontists to promote correct physiological oral development.

It consists of a single piece totally of silicone, and that means that doesn’t have parts where bacteria could be stored and to develop fungi, in spite of cleaning them correctly.

The teat has a special angular shape, which allows the correct movement and positioning of the tongue inside the mouth.

Its base is super thin which allows the baby to completely close his mouth.

It comes in a presentation that includes two pacifiers and a box which is sterilizable and is perfect to carry in the baby’s bag.

They come in 3 colors, blue, pink and transparent, it is also important to take into account that there are different sizes depending on the age of the baby, are those from 0 to 6 months, those from 6 to 12 months and those over 12 months.

That is a very common error in parents who use the same pacifier that they bought when they were newborns and never changed for a bigger one. This can have a negative effect since, being smaller, the baby could swallow and choke or develop malformations because it is not appropriate for their age and the shape of their mouth.

A plus to all this is that it also serves as a biter because it is made of silicone and is available at a very low price.

It has 4.3 of 5 stars with the reviews of the buyers who emphasize that they are easy to hold, easy to clean and very durable.





Here you can see some of those reviews



Where can I buy them?

They are available at and its price right now is $6, very accessible 🙂

What I love about Chicco is that it brings so many beautiful things for our babies as well as these beautiful pacifier holders that also serve as an attachment toy 🙂








I hope this post is interesting and help you with the most frequent questions regarding the use of pacifiers. It is not wrong to use them if we take the appropriate measures.

Please leave me your questions or doubts in the comments, if your babies used a pacifier if you know any other brand that is good apart from the one mentioned so we can have more options 🙂

Thanks for reading and do not forget to share with someone who needs to read this.

Happy Breastfeeding!

6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and Pacifiers – Are they good for your baby?

  1. This is a great post as an introduction for this topic. My primary profession is a Speech Language Pathologist and I used to work in a children’s hospital. There is plenty of education on the types of pacifiers that new parents need to avoid not to slow down their child’s oral motor skills for feeding. Great post! Please continue to spread the word!

  2. Hello Pao, great post I must say. I am 28 with no kids, but almost everyday, I learn more about how to properly raise a child. This useful information about breastfeeding and pacifiers can be very useful for me in the future. Chicco is the brand I will depend on. Thanks again, and I wish you nothing but success!!!

    1. That’s awesome Ahmad 🙂 you can use this information not just with future kids but with nephews! thanks for your comment.

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