K’tan Baby Carrier – a wrap without any wrapping

Hello everyone, continuing with the “Babywearing international week” I want to focus on the baby slings because they’re the perfect baby carriers when it comes to newborns.

If you are pregnant or you recently had a baby and you want a solution to be able to follow your daily routine without neglecting your little one, keep reading.

The baby sling is a fabric about 5 meters long that is placed by knots, it is very comfortable for the baby and is one of the baby carriers that gives more support to newborn babies since they are very delicate

But not many parents choose the baby sling because they find the knots complicated, they do not come out the first time and they do not keep trying, so they keep their baby sling in the closet, and they say it’s lost money

I was also in that dilemma, it took me a while to learn the knots, to do them correctly but after a few days I became an expert, so if you have a baby sling, I encourage you to try again and again until it becomes a part of you

But, if you do not want something complicated, you want something easy to place, fast and ergonomic I bring you the solution!

The special baby carrier for you is the Baby K’tan baby carrier.

What is the Baby K’tan carrier?

A message from the manufacturer: “The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier has a patented double-loop design that functions as a sling, wrap and baby carrier, yet there is no wrapping, no buckling, and no adjusting any rings; simply slip your baby carry sling on like a T-shirt in three simple steps”

It comes in 3 presentations:

  • Baby k’tan Original:

The original baby k’tan is made of cotton jersey knit similar to t-shirts, with a unique one-way stretch. It is very soft for both the carrier and the baby.

  • Baby k’tan Breeze:

It is made of 100% cotton with one side in a cotton knit sweater and the other in the cotton mesh. Thanks to the cotton mesh allow more air flow and are cooler compared to the original Baby k’tan. This is the ideal for warmer climates !.

  • Baby k’tan Active:

The baby k’tan active is made of 100% polyester with a high-tech fabric, similar to a sports shirt. This material allows greater control of temperature, is breathable, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and moisture and blocks 90% of UVA and UVB rays. It is ideal for summer or for outdoor walks on hot days

The three presentations of Baby k’tan are placed in the same way and also, all come with a matching sash that provides greater security for the baby and more support for mom or dad. The sash also becomes a bag to store the baby carrier when it is not used

It occupies very little space and can be carried in the diaper bag.

The baby k’tan distributes the weight equally, can be used in 5 ergonomic positions, from Newborn to toddler (0-35lb).

How can I use my baby k’tan?

Here is a video showing the simplicity of Baby k’tan in front of other baby slings wraps.

  • Kangaroo position

This position can be used from birth to approximately 3 months (8-12lb) for premature babies and babies weighing less than 8 pounds consult a doctor or porter consultant before using the baby carrier.

  • Hug position

This position can be used from newborn to 18 months or since the baby with is 8-25lb.

It can be introduced when the baby begins to stretch his legs.

  • Explore position

This position is recommended from 4 to 12 months of the baby (12-21lb), should be entered only if the baby already has control of his head

  • Adventure position

It should be started when the baby has full control of his neck and head about 5 to 20 months (14-27lb).

Important information: This position should not be used for prolonged periods of time because it can cause over-stimulation in the baby.

Carrier safety check

No matter which position you have chosen, be sure to check if you comply with these safety recommendations!

  • Baby has a clear source of air: The nose and mouth are visible and the baby’s chin is off his/her chest.

  • Baby is in a seated position: knees above baby’s bottom and fabric reaching bend in knees.

  • Sash is tied securely around baby: for positions that require the sash.

  • Baby’s head is supported: if baby does not yet have head control or if the baby is sleeping.

And you should always remember that:

  • You must practice before using it so you will feel more secure when putting your baby.
  • Always watch your steps to avoid tripping over something and a fall occurs.
  • When you start using the baby carrier you can have a hand holding the baby until you get used to it.
  • Always hold the baby when you have to bend over.
  • You can practice in front of a mirror to see if the baby has the right position.
  • Change positions, especially if you use the baby carrier for extended periods
    of time, since being in the same position for a long time can be
    uncomfortable for the baby.
  • Start small, at first, the baby may not like to be in the baby carrier, if he
    feels restless, start crying, you can try balancing it slowly and make sure that he is not hungry or need a diaper change, the swing will most likely
    make him fall asleep or calm down.

If the baby is still crying and feels very restless, take it out of the baby carrier and try again later. Once he gets used to it, he will not want to be separated from you.

The perfect fit

The baby k’tan is designed in individual sizes for each carrier, this eliminates the need to adjust the baby carrier as it fits perfectly to the body.

How do I choose the correct size?

There are 6 different sizes, from XXS to XL, so there is a baby k’tan for everyone.

Here I show you the table of measurements to be able to choose the correct size for you.

Or you can use their measurement calculator by entering this link.

The baby k’tan is designed for a snugly fit, at first, you can feel it very tight but with the normal use the fabric will stretch and returns to its normal shape after each wash, a trick is to stretch the fabric before placing the baby so no It will feel so tight.

Pros and cons of the Baby k’tan carrier


  • It is very easy and quick to put it on.
  • It is ergonomic.
  • It is endorsed with the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a “hip-healthy” baby carrier if used correctly.
  • It promotes breastfeeding.
  • Promotes the bond between mother/father and baby.
  • Reduces colic in the baby thanks to constant balancing.
    • It gives freedom to the mother to be able to do her daily routine without neglecting her baby.


  • The only thing that some parents mentioned as something negative is that
    you have to buy one for each size, that means, one for the mother and one
    for the father or who wants to carry the baby since you can only use the same
    baby carrier if you share the same size.

Where can I buy my baby k’tan and how much does it cost?

Are you totally fascinated with baby k’tan and can not wait to have yours? I understand you and here I tell you where you can get it.

They are available at www.babyktan.com with a score of 8.9 out of 10 based on 146 reviews.

And www.amazon.com with a score of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

On both pages, they have the same price.

Baby k’tan original It is priced at $ 49.95.

Baby k’tan active It is priced at $ 59.95.

Baby k’tan breeze It is priced at $ 59.95.

Baby k’tan organic It is priced at $ 59.95.

Baby k’tan print It is priced at $ 59.95.

On the baby k’tan page they also offer used baby carriers in excellent condition at $ 35.

The price is within normal compared to other baby carriers.

Let me know what you think of it

If you have a baby k’tan I would like to know your opinion, do you like it? Or if you are thinking of buying one I hope this review will help you with your decision.

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If you have any questions about this baby carrier, about babywearing or about breastfeeding please leave it to me in the comments I will be very happy to help you.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Breastfeeding!

8 thoughts on “K’tan Baby Carrier – a wrap without any wrapping

  1. Hi Pao, loved your review about the baby swings. First of all I never knew these even existed much was that there were so many different types.
    But in reading this it’s very interesting the way they are designed. When my daughters were born these never existed but they were very beneficial for the new mommy and baby.
    I would have a hard time choosing one. Since my daughter is expecting soon I would like her to read this because she would be interested in it.
    My question is do you have a preference of one over the others?

    1. Hi Rob, thank you for your comment, I actually love the baby wrap slings for the newborns, you can feel the baby closer and secure and this is a very good choice because it’s really simple to use, but it depends on what the mother needs. I recommend having a baby sling wrap and another one like an ergo backpack carrier there is also some models you can use from newborn and alternate them based on your needs. I’m hoping your daughter finds the website helpful.

  2. Wow, well I am a guy, but I have a niece I know will certainly benefit from this knowledge. LOL, you certainly do a wonderful job of showing how much easier the K’Tan is than other wraps. I must admit I didn’t take the tine to watch all of the videos, but I did like the fact that they are there and make it so much easier to learn and be able to make an educated decision. 

    The prices are right and the comfort appears to be great too. All in all I am glad to haver come upon this article and now I know what to get as a baby shower gift. Thank you so much. 

    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 and it definitely is the best baby shower gift ever not just this carrier specifically, but any other ergonomic carrier will be beneficial for the mom and her baby 🙂

  3. Great review! 

    Both my boys are out of the baby wearing stage now although I do love seeing babies all snuggled up in their sling. 

    Just over a year ago my sister got a wrap for her baby shower and she never really used it because it was too complicated. She really could have benefited from the K’Tang wrap since my niece was quite colicky. 

    Excellent videos demonstrating how to use the carrier. They make it look easy although I’m sure it takes some practice! 

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi, Christine, that’s true, it requires practice, but once you get along with it you’ll become an expert. I wish I knew about the baby K’tan Wrap when my baby was born too haha but I manage really well with the traditional sling wrap.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. Pao, when we had my youngest son, David, we wanted to give the baby K’tan breeze a try.  At first, my wife would only use it for breastfeeding on the go, but when I saw how comfortably our son slept, I started using it for trips to the store (I am a stay-at-home-dad).  We did have a few issues with the knot at first, but we soldiered through it and became comfortable with it.  

    I think the K-tan slings are wonderful, and our David would sleep all day, because he could rest on our chest.  Thank you for you excellent review, and those great videos!     Clay 

    1. Thanks to you Clay for sharing your experience, is so good to see fathers who practice babywearing, the baby not only need his mother, also needs his daddy 🙂

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