Types of Breastfeeding positions – Find out the perfect one for you and your baby

Hello, in this post I want to talk about the types of breastfeeding positions so you can find out which one is the best for you and your baby.

You should know that the ideal position does not exist since that changes for each mother and her baby. First I want to explain three important concepts.


The posture is the way the mother is placed, it is very important that she is comfortable, that she doesn’t stress the arms or the neck.

Depending on the position chosen by the mother, if it is in a chair, it should be enough support for her back and her feet should be placed on the floor.


The position is what you choose once you find the correct posture. There are different types of positions, I will talk about 4 of them, that is the most known and most used.


The latching is essential for a successful breastfeeding, this refers to the way the baby “latch” on to the breast.

In a good latch, the baby does not sink the cheeks, no clicks are heard, the lips are wide open and everted (outward like little fish).


Now that we understand what those terms mean, we must talk about another important issue that, regardless of the position the mother chooses, should always be verified, we are referring to the perfect alignment of the baby.



In the picture, you can see that the baby’s cheeks, shoulders, hips and knees are perfectly aligned. If they are not aligned the baby will have to turn the head to be able to grab the nipple, which can generate a bad latch and create cracks in the mother’s nipple.


Another very common doubt that worries many women is if the baby can breathe properly because in a perfect latch the baby should have his nose and chin stuck to the breast.

Babies are born with a strong sense of survival, plus they have a flat nose, this helps them breathe without problems even if their face is attached to the breast, but, if they have difficulty breathing, like when they have colds, they will automatically throw the head back and they are not going to be able to breastfeed.

Cradle position

This is surely the most common position used by all breastfeeding women.

First, we must be comfortable, a chair is ideal to have the back with support and feet resting on the floor, we must relax the shoulders and neck and eliminate any tension that may be in them. (It is very common to tense and this later generates pain).

If you had a C-section, this position might be uncomfortable at first, my recommendation is to use breastfeeding pillows, they give you extra support and it is more comfortable for the baby.

How can we breastfeed in this position?

  1. First, we must choose which breast we will use.
  2. Make sure the baby is perfectly aligned.
  3. When the baby opens his mouth, we bring him slowly to the nipple.
  4. Check the position and suction of the baby.


Cradle cross position

This position is less known but some women find it more comfortable than the cradle position.

This is the recommended position for women with very large breasts.

How can we breastfeed in this position?

  1. We must select the breast we will use.
  2. We must place the baby in the forearm that is not close to the breast.
  3. Verify that the baby is perfectly aligned.
  4. When the baby opens his mouth, we bring him slowly to the nipple.
  5. Check the position and suction of the baby.

American football position

This position is especially recommended in cases of having very loaded breasts, with clogged ducts, if we had a cesarean section and if the baby has problems to latch on to the breast.

To breastfeed the baby in this position we must:

  1. Select the breast that we will use.
  2. Place a pillow to support the selected breast side (breastfeeding pillows are special for this).
  3. Place the baby on the forearm closest to the breast with his legs in the direction of our back.
  4. We must corroborate that the baby is perfectly aligned.
  5. Bring the baby slowly to the breast once he opens his mouth.


Lying Position

This position is ideal, either to be able to rest at night and also if we had a cesarean. For this position, we should support the head, and the back with pillows, it can also help us to place a small cushion between our legs at the height of the knee. In that way, we will be relaxed and we won’t create unnecessary tensions.

To breastfeed in this position we must:

  1. Select the breast we will use.
  2. Lie down on the bed following the indications cited above.
  3. Place the baby in the bed parallel to us.
  4. Corroborate that the baby is perfectly aligned.
  5. When the baby opens his mouth to bring him slowly to the nipple.
  6. Check that the baby has a good latching and suction.

As we mentioned before, the ideal position will depend on you and your baby, you can try them all and choose the one you feel comfortable with, depending on each occasion.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to consult me in the comments, I will be more than happy to help you.

And please share with whoever you think this post will be useful .:)

Happy Breastfeeding!



8 thoughts on “Types of Breastfeeding positions – Find out the perfect one for you and your baby

  1. Great article! I wish I had this kind of information when my kids were babies. You gave lots of information and I will definitely recommend your website if I know of anyone needing any help in this area. Thanks again!

  2. This is a great information to have. I don’t have kids right now. But will in a couple of years. I’ve bookmarked your page for the future. So when I have kids, I will revisit your post. Thank you for sharing. I have learned a lot for your post.

  3. Wow this is great information you really broke it down and saved my so much time im so glad i found your website truly amazing this is awesome i love your page keep up your amazing posts. Thank you for being so informative and to the point. I will def be back over and over to read you amazing content

  4. My wife used the cross cradle method. She found it to be the most comfortable position for her and our daughter. I did not realize how important comfort is when it come to breast feeding. Our daughter was a little picky and would want a different position every once in a while but for the most part it was cross craddel.
    Is there a position that is recommended over others for children who have colic?
    Thank you for sharing this, new mother’s and fathers will find this very helpful!

    1. Hello, thank you very much for your comment. If your baby has colic there is no special position, you can continue with the cradle cross, but you can try some of these tips:

      Burping after each feeding, breastfed babies do not always need to burp like those fed with a bottle, but if your baby has colic and cries after the feeding, it is very likely that she has air that she needs to expel.

      If your wife has a lot of milk supply can be a cause of colic, you could tell her to pump out a little before offering her breast to the baby.

      Try not to swap breast while breastfeeding so make sure to empty it completely.

      You can try with massages to relieve colic, here I leave a YouTube link so you can try 🙂 https://youtu.be/ABGCi5Lflxs

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